Stoneleigh Community

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Community Association

The Stoneleigh Community Association, Inc., is an organization made up of your neighbors. Its purpose being to promote the interests of the community, to preserve property values, to prevent commercial encroachment in an area which is primarily residential, to foster the social life of our people, and above all to encourage the good neighbor tradition.

Matt Hampton
Vice President
Anna DuVal

Past President
Meghan Virro


Greg Dildine


Mari Kate Connolly

Pool Chairperson
Steve McIntire

COP Director
Mark Erdman

Social Chairs
Laura Hartman & Bonnie Knight
Stoneleighite Editor
Margo Bryant
Greening and Recycling Liaison
Rachel McFadden

General Board Member
Rachel Welch

General Board Member
Dan McCartin

General Board Member
Amy Godat

General Board Member
Walt McGuire

Contact the Board

Please feel free to contact any Board member with your questions, comments or concerns. If you are interested in attending a board meeting please contact the Stoneleigh President at to determine the time and location of the next meeting.
Stoneleigh Community Association Address:
821 Hatherleigh Rd
Baltimore, MD 21212