Stoneleigh Community

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Outside Affairs


The function of the Board Position of Roads and Outside Affairs is to be a liaison with the Towson Community at large and to interface with Baltimore County Government and Maryland State Departments to accomplish maintenance and upgrades to the infrastructure of community streets and utilities.


In this capacity the Board member is the delegate to THE GREATER TOWSON COUNCIL OF COMMUNITY ASSOCIATIONS. This is an umbrella group of neighborhood associations that includes neighborhoods from the City/County line North to the Beltway, East to Loch Raven Boulevard and West through Ruxton. The GTCCA meets monthly and addresses issues of development, traffic, legislative issues, housing, zoning, etc. The largest task in recent years has been the development of a University Relations Committee to interface with Towson University concerning off campus housing of students. GTCCA was also instrumental in the push for the new West Towson Elementary School scheduled to be opened in 2010 to relieve the overcrowding on Rodgers Forge Elementary. This effort also included the promise of an addition for Stoneleigh Elementary School. For more information about this organization go to WWW.GTCCA.ORG

About the GTCCA

The Greater Towson Council of Community Associations (GTCCA) is a nonprofit umbrella organization representing the interests and concerns of more than thirty community associations in the Greater Towson area. are organized for the purpose of education, assistance in development, and as a means of presenting a united front on common issues or problems too large or too complex to be handled effectively by individual community associations.


When Baltimore County Department of Public Works initiated the Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan in 2002, I completed the application for consideration of Traffic Calming in Stoneleigh. The study was done by Baltimore County in 2003 and the results were that the neighborhood did not meet the county’s criteria. The guidelines were revised in 2008 so a revised application was submitted and again rejected in April of 2008.

The Safe Routes to Schools was able to accomplish some traffic calming measures on Regester Avenue and I served on that committee as the representative from Stoneleigh.

There has been an ongoing issue with Storm Drains in Stoneleigh. I interfaced with Baltimore County Department of Public works and we did get some improvement. Particularly on York Road at Chumleigh where there storm drain had clearly failed. The State and County agencies were at odds as to who was responsible. I finally got both agencies involved and the matter was corrected. When Stoneleigh was developed in the 1920’s it was not necessary for the developer to have the County approve a plane for the placement of storm drains so the County did not have a master plan. They have surveyed the neighborhood and not know where all of the storm drains are located. Some of the lines run in peoples yards and in some cases under driveways and garages. This limits the County’s ability to make improvements to the system.

I also report potholes, damaged curbing and problems with paving and street signs to the County Department of Public Works, and Street light that are out or damaged to Baltimore Gas and Electric.