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Property Zoning Regulations

Residential Property Zoning Regulations

Listed below for reference is a summary of general zoning regulations for many common property improvements. Contact the Permits and Development Mangement Department of Baltimore County for additional information.

1. Storage Shed and Detached Accessory Structures
General regulations: A storage shed can not cover more than 40% of the rear yard area.
It must be setback from a side or rear property line at least 2.5 feet and it may not extend more than 15 feet in height. All structures must be located in the rear yard. Any structure with an area greater than 100 square feet requires a building permit. These regulations apply to all other freestanding structures such as garages, gazebos and greenhouses.

2. Outdoor Decks 
General Regulations: Outdoor raised decks are permitted on all property locations that occur within front, side and rear building setback requirements. In general, a typical front yard setback is 25 feet, a side yard setback is 10 feet and a rear yard setback is 30 feet. Our community was built without standard property setbacks so you must check with Baltimore County Zoning to confirm the specific setback dimensions for your property. Outdoor decks may also extend into a setback by 25% of the setback dimension. For example an outdoor deck could extend 7.5 into a 30 foot rear setback. All decks require a building permit to be filed and approved before construction can begin. Baltimore County Zoning Phone: 410 887 3391.

3. Fences 
General regulations: Maximum fence heights are dependent upon their location on a property. Front yard fence locations are limited to 42″ in height. A front yard zone is generally defined
by any area forward of the front façade. Fences in rear and side yard locations can range in height from 6 – 10 feet depending upon proposed location. These height criteria are modified
by other factors: no fence or landscape material along a property line can be more than 3 feet in height within 25 feet of a street intersection right of way. The attached fence application
permit must be submitted and approved before a resident can build a fence taller than 42 inches. Review the regulations in detail to confirm specific requirements according to your proposed fence location. This form is available online.

Storage shed and outdoor deck permits can not be obtained online. They are available at the Baltimore County Permits and Development Management Department, Room 100, 111 West Chesapeake Avenue in Towson. Phone: 410 887 3900.

4. Parking of Commercial Vehicles on Residential Property
General Regulations: One commercial vehicle per dwelling unit may be parked on a residential lot under the following conditions: The gross vehicle weight shall not exceed
10,000 pounds. The owner or operator of the vehicle shall reside on the lot. The vehicle shall be parked in a side or rear yard. No materials, products, freight or equipment shall be
exposed outside the vehicle. Advertising and signage is limited to the driver’s door or front seat passenger’s door.

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