Historic Trees of Baltimore County: Tulip Poplar

Please enjoy this video with a little bit of information about the beautiful trees that line our neighborhood streets.

Historic Preservation is not only about historic buildings, it is also about historic landscape architecture & gardens. Humans have molded & designed landscapes for millennia, either by choosing to selectively leave certain trees & other plants in place, or by strategically planting new ones.

Preservation Alliance of Baltimore County is a non-profit dedicated to preserving our County’s historic buildings, sites, communities, & landscapes Due to current safety concerns, Preservation Alliance will not be conducting in-person tours this year. The Preservation Alliance has, however, started this video series on historic trees in Baltimore County.

The first video is about the Tulip Poplar, Liriodendron tulipifera. Tulip Poplars are native to the East Coast of North America, & play host to many moths & butterflies; including the Tiger Swallowtail. They are one of the few fast growing trees that are also long-lived.

The Preservation Alliance is grateful to Phoebe Evans Letocha & her family, of the historic Stoneleigh neighbor of Towson, for sharing their Tulip Poplar with us.

The Preservation Alliance is also very grateful to our volunteer professional film crew, without whom this series would not be possible: Video by J. Brough Schamp, Drone photography: Paul Newill-Schamp, Audio editing: Richard Anderson. Please consider becoming a member of Preservation Alliance, & help us preserve Baltimore County’s irreplaceable historic buildings & landscapes:

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