Master Plan

Prior to last year’s community meeting, your feedback was solicited on your needs, wants, and priorities for our community and its greatest tangible asset, our Stoneleigh Pool. The SCA Board received your feedback via the online survey and really took it to heart. This survey clarified years of assumptions made at the board level as well as brought to light a few new things we were previously unaware of.

At the 2020 Annual meeting held last January, the SCA Board sought approval for funding for improvements to our Pool, including funds to engage a master planner to take a comprehensive look at what the future of the pool could look like. The planner was to take the results of the survey, collect all other feedback we had that had accumulated over the previous years, and combine that with their year’s of experience to output a comprehensive plan of action. The community approved this and after a comprehensive selection process, a top-rated local company was selected.

Following that meeting, the SCA Board created a master planning subcommittee. We knew that the composition of this subcommittee was extremely important to get right to ensure that the maximum members of the community were represented. Ultimately, the subcommittee was comprised of 2 members of the Executive Committee, 2 general board members, the chairs of the social and pool committees, a non-board pool committee member, and an immediate neighbor of the pool not involved in the SCA or any of it’s subcommittees. This group brought the largest swath of representation to answering these questions.

For several months, the subcommittee worked with this firm to help them better understand our neighborhood’s wishes, desires, and needs for our pool. As mentioned above, the subcommittee shared your survey feedback as well as met with the firm several times in person and over Zoom. The firm’s principal and other project personnel came out to our pool at several points to walk the grounds including before the pool opened, during our pool season’s open hours, and during peak and off-peak hours in service of really getting a sense of who we are as a community and how we use this space.

This firm has put together a beautiful proposal and the results were incredible. On behalf of the Subcommittee and the board as a whole, I am so excited to share this with our community.

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