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Pool Info, Rules and Hours

Now in its 96th season, the Stoneleigh Pool is the centerpiece of the Stoneleigh neighborhood and the place for summer fun. The 2020 season at Stoneleigh Pool was truly memorable! We were the first community pool in Baltimore County to open in this unprecedented year, and the Pool Committee and SCA Board of Governors are grateful to members and staff for their cooperation in making it safe and enjoyable. Here's to a great 2021 season! We invite you to learn more about membership, lessons, volunteering, and employment.

2021 Pool Rules

The following rules and regulations have been established for the benefit of all users of the Stoneleigh swimming pool and related facilities to assure the safe operation and to provide enjoyable recreation for our members. Pool members and guests are required to use common courtesy and treat pool management and patrons with respect. Verbal or physical threats are not tolerated and access to the pool may be revoked.

2021 Pool Hours (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

Saturday, May 29th – Sunday, June 20th
Sundays – Thursdays: 12 Noon to 8PM
Fridays & Saturdays: 12 Noon to 10PM

Monday, June 21st – Saturday, August 28th
Monday- Thursday: 10AM to 10PM*
Friday – Sunday 10AM to 10PM

Adult Swim back by popular demand starts June 21st, Monday-Thursday, 5pm-6pm, 18+ only in pool, grounds & baby pool open, Pickleball has priority on bbal court.

 *Regular hours to be re-evaluated after 7/6, might go to M-Th, 10am – 9pm

Sunday, August 28th – 10AM to 8PM
Monday – Thursday: *see below


*see below
*see below


2021 Pool Committee Roster

We are always looking for volunteers to join the Pool Committee and help make the Stoneleigh Pool run smoothly!

Pool FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Stoneleigh Pool. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, please contact us.
Membership to Stoneleigh Pool is open to residents of Stoneleigh (see website for neighborhood boundaries) and non-residents who apply for membership via the waitlist.
Welcome! Please use the Membership pages to find information. New members must pay a one-time assessment fee of $400 in addition to the annual membership fee.
The wait list is capped at 100 families/individuals. It is approximately a two-to-three-year wait to move off of the waitlist.
No. We do not offer day passes. Current members are welcome to bring guests and pay the guest fee.

Pool rules are available here. Please note pool rules are subject to change per discretion of the management.

Members and guests may bring food and drinks to the pool. NO GLASS ALLOWED.

Please visit the Stoneleigh Sharks website for information on the swim team and lessons.

We don’t feel comfortable joining this year regardless of when the season may start. Do we have to pay anything?
A:  Yes, you should pay the maintenance fee and SCA dues.  As we are members, we are all responsible for its financial viability. Residents who return in 2021 will be asked to pay the maintenance fee prior to rejoining the pool if they don’t pay the maintenance fee and SCA dues this year.

Let’s say we do open late. What kind of bill can we expect, and when will that be due?
A: If we are to open late, the balance of your 2020 membership fees will be pro-rated, for the days we were closed, and after our expenses are settled. The balance due would be required to be paid in full by “opening day” to attend the pool.

When will you know if/when we are able to open the pool?
A:  To be quite honest, we do not know though we are hoping for more clarity in the second half of May.  The state must lift its “stay at home” order.  We also need an operating permit from the County, which we applied for in early March but have not received yet.  Although we are working with Merritt to proactively implement best practices, we do not know how the final guidelines will require us to modify our operations.

How will we be kept informed/updated?
A: Direct email to our members, both Resident and Non-Resident, will be the most direct and efficient way to keep everyone updated. We will also use social media to remind you to check your email. We will also continue to share information and updates about this season through our public forums on Facebook, eSoft and the community’s Google group. 

If I don’t pay the maintenance fee & SCA dues, can’t I just join the pool later?
A: Stoneleigh residents are entitled to join the pool anytime during the summer at the full price (not pro-rated).  However, if you wait until after May 22nd to pay the maintenance fee and dues, you will be charged the usual $50 late fee.  Residents who skip this season will be required to pay the $100 fee in addition to the normal membership dues next year. 

Why don’t you just wait until asking us to pay anything? 
A: The committee settled on this structure because it is the most fair to all members, residents and non-residents. Over 190 non-residents have already paid their full membership dues.  If we were not allowed to open, they would bear the full cost of the season.  Alternatively, if the entire amount were refunded, only Stoneleigh residents and future members of the pool would bear the full cost of this season.

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